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mapCrowders collect and compile data on HCV diagnostics, treatment, and care at the country level and directly upload to mapCrowd. This ensures that up-to-date data is readily publicized and made available to all globally.


Become a mapCrowder!

mapCrowd aims to enhance HCV information and advocacy worldwide. By adding contributors and more country information, mapCrowd will highlight recent HCV developments with comprehensive, up-to-date data. MapCrowders will more easily share knowledge and mobilize information supporting their advocacy. People with HCV, people who work in public health and development, and the international health community all stand to benefit from mapCrowd’s continued growth.

To ensure this, we are seeking to enlist more HCV experts to join mapCrowd on a voluntary basis. An ideal mapCrowder is someone involved in HCV advocacy or with a medical or public health background. As data are often scarce or difficult to obtain, we are looking for candidates who have a strong network of local contacts and capacity to support national level data collection on a range of topics.

We are a crowd sourced, open data project. Please fill in this form to join us in creating a truly global data repository and free resource that breaks down barriers to HCV testing and treatment around the world. Whether you are involved in HCV advocacy; have a medical or public health background or if you can help with creating a network ofl contacts or support national level data collection.

Volunteer to:

  • Add your valuable data, to advance global understanding of the HCV epidemic
  • Contribute to advocacy efforts and an informed response around the world
  • Connect with a growing, international network of HCV experts and activists
  • Develop contacts that can support data collection and estimations
  • Raise the visibility of your organization and its mission and objectives.

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