person getting an HCV test

Mapping HCV Data

Our mission is to work collectively on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of hepatitis globally. Here’s the hard data. Use these maps to explore the latest numbers and see how we grow, together. Here’s how you can get involved.

Use our interactive maps to explore our data per country.  Grouped into four primary areas of interest, each section has numerous options for you to choose from to see, review and analyze the data. Each map begins with 'all' countries that apply to your selection. You can then select an individual country, which will bring up more detail. You can also download a copy of each map that you can then print or save as a PDF. Zoom in or out or move the map manually as you prefer.

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mapCrowd aims to enhance HCV information and advocacy worldwide.  People with HCV, people who work in public health and development, and the international health community all stand to benefit from mapCrowd’s continued growth. By adding more and more contributors from around the world - and therefore more country information - mapCrowd can highlight recent HCV developments with comprehensive, up-to-date data. 

To achieve this, we need to enlist more HCV experts to join mapCrowd on a voluntary basis as 'mapCrowders'. MapCrowders volunteer to share knowledge and mobilize information supporting their advocacy. An ideal mapCrowder is someone involved in HCV advocacy or with a medical or public health background. As data are often scarce or difficult to obtain, we are looking for candidates who have a strong network of local contacts and capacity to support national level data collection on a range of topics.

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Find information on supporting organizations and government contacts here.